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Applying: Admission to the AMB Program

AMB is looking for well-rounded, independent students to join our tight-knit scientific community. Successful candidates will have an excellent academic record, be involved in social and organizational activities, have good communication skills and a strong desire to excel in the STEM field through a degree in Applied Marine Biology.

If this describes you and the goals you have set for yourself, we strongly encourage you to apply!

The admission process is based on a candidate’s overall academic record and fulfilment of the Tohoku University enrollment standards, which include the following:

  1. High School Transcript
  2. Standardized Test Scores (e.g. SAT, GCSE “A” Level, International Baccalaureate and/or the EJU (Examination for Japanese Universities),
  3. English Proficiency Test score for non-native English speakers (such as IELTS, TOEFL or another nationally recognized English proficiency examination), and
  4. Oral interview.

More information can be found in the links below:

Support: Accommodation and Financial Aid

Tohoku University provides dormitory housing to all AMB students for the first two academic years at the University House Aobayama Dormitory. Beginning in the third academic year, students find off-campus housing in apartments in the vicinity of Tohoku University Campuses, accessible via subway. Details about the dormitory and support for off-campus housing can be found at the links below: