Chemistry and Life Science

Bioorganic Chemistry of Natural Products


Our research targets are highly bioactive natural products, especially marine natural toxins. The major works are screening, isolation, structural determination and elucidation of biosynthesis, target proteins, and biological functions.


  1. Tetrodotoxin: Analytical methods (LC/MS), novel natural analogues, origin, biosynthesis, toxin binding protein and electrophysiology.
  2. Diarrheic shellfish toxins: Roles of okadaic acid binding protein in sponge and significance of structural conversion and accumulation in bivalves.
  3. Paralytic shellfish toxins: Mechanism for non-toxic mutation of toxin producing dinoflagellate, and synthesis of biosynthetic intermediates and their identification.
  4. Other marine toxins: Biosynthesis of kainoids (domoic acid and kainic acid) and mode of action of polycavernosides and maitotoxin.
  5. Bioactive compounds from marine organisms and microorganisms.
  6. Electrophysiological recordings of voltage-gated sodium channels for elucidating mode of action of marine natural products.



Marine toxins, Natural products, Structural elucidation, Biosynthesis, Pharmacology