Biological Chemistry

Applied Microbiology


Our laboratory conducts research and education to elucidate the biochemical and molecular biological basis of the diverse metabolic systems and superior material production capabilities of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), and to apply microbial functions and their products to the fields of agriculture, food, chemistry, environment, and health.

Five specific themes are introduced below.

(1) Research and application of energy generating systems and mass transporters that can be used in biological industries

(2) Molecular mechanism of the behavior of RolA, a surface-active protein of Aspergillus oryzae, on the interface

(3) Study on the understanding of cell surface structure of filamentous fungi and its application to fermentation production

(4) Studies on blood cell disintegrating toxin of Staphylococcus aureus

(5) Study on microbial degradation mechanism of biodegradable plastic (PLA) and bacterial cellulose derivatives



Membrane protein, Useful material production, Transport activity, Protein Structure Analysis, Surfactant protein, Host infection, Self-organization, Filamentous fungus cell wall, Liquid culture, Mycorrhizal block formation, Fermentation production, Zoonotic infections, Beta-barrel membrane pore forming toxin, Hemolysin, Leucocidin, Structure-function-activity relationship, Lumen microbe, Anaerobic bacteria, Lactic acid metabolism, Cell surface structure, Animal welfare, Biodegradable plastic, Polylactic acid、Acetan