The world’s first international education and research center established in April 2015, specializing “Food and Agricultural Immunology” in a fusion research area has been launched the second five-year period from April 2020 taken over the first period. Our units were progressively reconstructed with cross-disciplinary research in “Medical and Agricultural Immunology”, and next generation bio-agricultural science by Synchrotron Radiation to contribute as a leader in the world to develop the next-generation techniques to produce safe and functional food via global education and research on Food and Agricultural Immunology.


  1. To establish a new academic field of “agricultural immunology” via cross-disciplinary research on immunology and agronomy, namely crops, livestock, and marine products.
  2. To set up a system to produce crops, livestock, and marine products that does not rely solely on drugs. Additionally, to develop systems to evaluate the safety and functionality of food as well as perform diagnosis in terms of physical and social sciences.
  3. To contribute to the globalization of Tohoku University by training young researchers who will take next-generation research techniques forward, in the fields of agricultural immunology and food science.
  4. To commercially apply the new food systems thus developed in the field, thereby contributing to public health and longevity.

International Education and Research Center for Food and Agricultural Immunology

  • Director: Hitoshi SHIRAKAWA
  • Vice Director (Education): Masako TODA
  • Vice Director (Research): Masahiko HARATA
  • Vice Director (Research): Tomonori NOCHI

Division of Agricultural Immunology   Division Director: Haruki KITAZAWA

Livestock Immunology Unit

  • Unit Leader: Haruki KITAZAWA
  • Hisashi ASO
  • Kan SATO
  • Kentaro KATO
  • Yoshinobu UEMOTO
  • Takehiko NAKAMURA
  • Hironori BANDO
  • Binghui ZHOU
  • Hiroshi YONEYAMA
  • Tomonori NOCHI
  • Motoi KIKUSATO

Marine Immunology Unit

  • Unit Leader: Keisuke TAKAHASHI
  • Yoshifumi SAKAI
  • Toshiki NAKANO

Plant Immunology Unit

  • Unit Leader: Sugihiro ANDO
  • Hideki TAKAHASHI
  • Masatoshi HORI
  • Shuhei MIYASHITA

Food Immunology Unit

  • Unit Leader: Masako TODA
  • Haruki KITAZAWA
  • Motoi KIKUSATO

Medical and Agricultural Immunology Unit

  • Unit Leader: Tomonori NOCHI
  • Hiroshi YONEYAMA
  • Kentaro TANEMURA
  • Jahidul ISLAM
  • Haruki KITAZAWA
  • Masako TODA
  • Naoto ISHII
  • Hitoshi OSHITANI
  • Shunji SUGAWARA
  • Shoichiro KURATA

Division of Safety and Function Evaluation   Division Director: Masahiko HARATA

Food and Health Evaluation Unit

  • Unit Leader: Hitoshi SHIRAKAWA
  • Kiyotaka NAKAGAWA
  • Yusuke OHSAKI
  • Junya ITO

Synchrotron Light for Agri-Bioscience Unit

  • Unit Leader: Masahiko HARATA
  • Kentaro TANEMURA
  • Takahiro SHINTANI
  • Masaru ENOMOTO
  • Kazue NAGASAWA

Aiti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Reseaches Unit

  • Unit Leader: Masahiko HARATA

Ecological and Environmental Evaluation Unit

  • Unit Leader: Yukihiro ITO
  • Yoshihisa SUYAMA

Division of Cooperation with Society   Division Director: Katsuhito FUYUKI

International Cooperation Unit

  • Unit Leader: Katsuhito FUYUKI
  • Minakshi KEENI

Communication to Society Unit

  • Unit Leader: Katsuhito FUYUKI

Division of Research and Administration   Division Director: Hideki TAKAHASHI

Project Administration Unit

  • Unit Leader: Hideki TAKAHASHI
  • Hisashi ASO
  • Haruki KITAZAWA
  • Fusao ITO
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University