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DIVISIONS: Biological Resource Sciences, Life Science, Bioscience and Biotechnology for Future Bioindustries

Grad. Sch. Agric. Sci.Tohoku Univ.

Our laboratory has been moved from AMAMIYA campus to AOBAYAMA campus' New Extension.
468-1, Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.
Zip code 980-0845
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1947 Laboratory of Animal Anatomy was established in Animal Husbandry Science Course (Fac. Agric.).
1967 Our laboratory was renamed Laboratory of Animal Morphology.
1992 Faculty of Agriculture was re-organised: Animal Husbandry Science Course was changed as Applied Bio-Science Course (Animal Science). Our laboratory was renamed Laboratory of Functional Morphology.
1997 Graduate School of Agricultural Science was re-organized. Three Laboratories (Functional Morphology, Animal Reproduction Science, and Animal Breeding and Genetics) in Applied Bio-Science Course (Fac. Agric.) were integrated into Department of Animal Production Science [Division of Biological Resource Sciences (Grad. Sch. Agric. Sci.)].
2003 Graduate School of Agricultural Science was re-organized. Three Laboratories (Functional Morphology, Animal Reproduction Science, and Animal Nutrition) were integrated into Department of Animal Biology [Division of Life Science (Grad. Sch. Agric. Sci.)].
2004 All Japanese national universities were transformed into "Independent Legal Institutions."
2011.Mar.11. The hugest disaster in Japan, "Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami" occurred. Our laboratory was sirious damaged by the terrible earthquake, but no casualities. Moreover, after one month, the biggest aftershock earthquake stroke our Lab. again (7th Apr.). In spite of this situation, we restored our Lab. immediately.
2017.Mar.31 Campus of Graduate School of Agricultural Science was moved completely from AMAMIYA to AOBAYAMA.
(Our Lab. moving: 2016.Nov.15 to 2017.Mar.2)
Now Our studies keep going forward.



Our research has focused on understanding the structure and functions of cells and tissues. In particular, we are interested in increasing the productivity and immune function of farm animals. Our current researches are:

  1. Myogenesis and functional differentiation of bovine skeletal muscle cells
  2. Functional differentiation of skeletal muscle fiber types and the influence of their composition on meat quality
  3. Molecular mechanism of bovine intramuscular preadipocyte cell differentiation
  4. Spread mechanism of prion protein through M cells in the gut
  5. Anti-obesity effect of peripheral serotonin
  6. Crosstalk between gut and mammary gland immune system
  7. Vaccine development for the prevention of mastitis
Skeletal muscle, Myogenesis, Preadipocytes, Prion, M cells, Serotonin, Mucosal immunology, Mastitis

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Professor  ASO Hisashi, Ph.D.  asosan@**** database International Education and Research Center for Food and Agricultural Immunology (CFAI): Livestock Immunology Unit
Associate Professor  NOCHI, Tomonori, Ph.D.
CFAI, Infection Immunity Unit: Unit Leader
Assistant Professor  WATANABE, Kouichi, Ph.D.  watakoh@**** database CFAI, Livestock Immunology Unit
Project Assistant Professor ISLAM, Jahidul, Ph.D.

Project Assistant Professor ZHUANG Tao, Ph.D. tao.zhuang.a2@****

Researcher URAKAWA, Megumi megumi.urakawa.d7@****

Researcher SASAKI, Shiho

Mail address "****" = "tohoku.ac.jp"

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Grad. Sch. Agric. Sci.Tohoku Univ.

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